Fun stuff to do this weekend!

Just to add to our yesterday MEATY topic, and to continue on the beauties of Centennial area! This weekend in Centennial Park will take place 14th Annual Ribfest! Live music, beer tents, fun zone for kiddies and tons of yummy ribs from the best North American ribbers. Also haunted hause and fireworks for Canada Day! Gotta love Toronto. See below from City News

And for those who are still crazy for Real Estate in spite on the Canada Day selebrations, there will be following open houses in the area:

1. Lovely Bungalow, listed at $659K, located at 58 Faversham Crescent, public open house Saturday and Sunday 2 to 4 pm
2. Bright and beautiful 2-Storey, listed at $569K, located at 280 Wellesworth Drive, open house same hours as above
3. Cute Sidesplit, listed at $569K, this time south of Rathburn on 8 Wareside Road, open house Saturday and Sunday from 2 pm till 4:30 pm
4. Nicely renovated house, 4 bedrooms, listed at $749K, 110 Credon Drive, open house Saturday and Sunday 2 to 4 pm
5. Exceptional Bungalow, huge lot, listed at $599K, 3 Indianola Drive, open house Saturday and Sunday 2 to 4 pm

If you just start from #1 and make your way south, eventually you will end up at #5. Shall this adventure only partially satisfy you and you need more – let me know! Yes, and don’t forget to come back and share your opinion on the above 5!


So, my friends, showings went really well, I even managed not to let out the cat in house #4, lol. And now, as promised, lets eat meat! I am sorry, I do respect the position of all the vegans and vegetarians, and the strength of their will, I just can't do it.


We will need:

Pork, sliced, about 2 lbs.
Sunflower oil – 1 cup
Tomato sauce – 1/2 cup
Honey  – 1/2 cup
Soy Sauce – 2 tbsp
Black pepper
Minced garlic
Fresh rosemary

Mix all the ingredients but meat. Add meat, make sure it is well covered with marinade. Stick it in a fridge for at least 2 hours or overnight. Listen to my husbands jokes for half a day that MARINAded meat is the meat that was processed by MARINA, lol.
The rest is easy – pass the MARINAded meat to the Man of the House to put in on the grill. I am convinced that men and fire go well together, thus I am getting no where close to that BBQ-moster.

And here it is all ready to serve! Goes well with mashed potatoes (what doesn’t?) and Baby spinach & Almond Salad. Bon appetit!


Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty

Wild Life In Canada

Canadian wild life messed up all my plans for today yet again. Thursdays for some reason always give me cooking inspiration, and I was going to invite everyone today to our Thursday feast. Now considering what happened last night my recipe might look a little odd. But first things first – last night we were rudely awakened by the most horrible scratching and yelling. Sounded like someone or something was screaming the bloody hell right in the bedroom. Sure enough, my big and tough cocker spaniel was nicely wrapped up in his basket and showed no signs of willing to protect us. I could have sworn someone was getting killed and torn to pieces outside…
Sure enough – 3 raccoon, in the tree, in my backyard, doing their dirty “politics”. Finally, one of them fell off and the rest i guess followed to check on the buddy. Anyways, screaming stopped, everyone went to bed. But now guess what I was going to cook tonight – STEAK! Now the whole entire universe will think that I am cooking raccoon for dinner… Oh, well, I am off to show some houses, will be back in a few hours with the promised steak.

Etobicoke Olympium Closure and Neighborhood Real Estate Market Activity

Etobicoke OlympiumEtobicoke Olympium map
Etobicoke Olympium a major community aquatic center is closing for major renovations and upgrades in the beginning of July. City of Toronto in partnership with Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario will throw in $20M to get the facility up and going for Pam and Parapam American Games coming to Toronto in July and August 2015. Renovations and upgrades will include a new competition pool, upgraded dive tower, improved mechanical and electrical systems, etc.
But all these fabulous things are still to come, for now the current residents of the center (around 15-20 clubs and associations, including International level, large and very successful Etobicoke Swimming Club, Olympium Rhythmic gymnastics Club and many more) are frantically packing and moving out.
Last year was extremely difficult for most of these clubs and associations trying to find a new location while still performing their daily functions. Some important end of year competitions hosted by the clubs were interrupted or even cancelled due to uncoordinated renovation works.
Next year does look all that promising either with the clubs being split and scattered all over the city, housed at the facilities often not even suitable for the specific sport. And this is not even mentioning the financial loss most of the clubs will experience due to the fact that their main fundraising venue – meets and competitions normally hosted at Etobicoke Olympium will be taken away.
Not sure what this is – lack of planning or lack of care?
In a meantime, Real Estate Market looks very active in the area. 2 neighborhoods were looked at: Eringate Cenntenaial and Etobicoke West Mall, both bordering Centennial Park from the East and South.
The data below is for single family residential detached homes
In the last 7 days there were 13 new listings in the area with the prices ranging from $529k to 1190k;
32 total current listings in the area (this is including the 13 above)
32 sold from May 1st till June 26th, prices ranging from $488k to $1695k
What is really happening – people looking to move out of the area or this is a normal activity? I believe this is the season 😉 and even if we lose Etobicoke Olympium for a year – this is still one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Toronto.

Talk to you soon – stay cool.

Ready, Set, Go!

Good day, Dear Guests! Today is Tuesday – one of my most favourite days of the week, today is also June 25th – one of my most favourite days in June. This looks like a reason good enough to start my new blog yearlong project – Happy Houses for Happy Families 365.
I am a Real Estate Agent and this blog will be about Real Estate. But not just the houses and condos, bricks and mortar, mortgage rates and buyer or seller market, but also things that for many people turn the house into a home. What these things are?
Fabulous folks next door that we know so little about;
Smell of freshly baked bread and a glass of good wine;
Parks, rivers and lakes around the corner that we’ve never seen;
Big events of the little villages;
Cats and dogs, birdies and fishies;
All these little things that make our lives worthwhile.
I will go out there and explore and will be truly honoured shall you decide to join.
And here is a little video for you 🙂