Give it to Buyer or Seller?

I was working like a horse for the last three weeks – no weekends and no time for precious little ME. But this is a beauty of being your own boss I guess – I can take an hour or so off when I really need it. So, I messed around with some oils and brushes and pallet knives today…. What do you think? If you guess the kind of flowers, then I got them right… Question number duo, since my walls are already full of pictures, shall I give this one to my next Seller or Buyer, or shall I burn it, LOL?


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Houses in Art – Anatoly Metlan

Today is Sunday, my usual “Houses in Art” post. And today I would like to present another expressionist, artist of bright color and my favorite theme in art ever – tiny streets by the ocean – please, welcome – Anatoly Metlan.


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Exclusive Listing vs. Open MLS Listing

When homeowners decides to list their property for sale, they want it sold fast and for the top dollar and this usually means telling the whole world about the home offered for sale. MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is one of the best tools to "spread the word". However, certain sellers for certain reasons might still be willing to employ exclusive listing and stay out of MLS and subsequently out of


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Types of Homes – Learning Real Estate Terms

Yay, big day today – 3 months of blogging, everyday! This really does keep you organized and allows to evaluate what was accomplished. I discovered a strange thing – I am getting a lot of questions about real basics, so introducing new topic – Learning Real Estate Terms. Rolling today into Types of Homes


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Successful People from Our Neighborhood – Ron Balagtas, Real Estate Investment Advisor

Sometimes you meet new friends in the most unexpected places and under the most unusual circumstances. I was representing a Tenant in one of the recent transactions and Ron was on the Landlord's side. In the beginning I had a feeling we were not going to get along very well.  Wasn't I ever wrong! Ron turned out to be a highly professional, ambitious and very inspiring person with a radiant smile. You see Ron and immediately get an impression that nothing ever can go wrong!
Please, meet – Ron Balagtas – Real Estate Investment Educator and  Advisor.

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