Foody Thursday – Halloween “Pumpkin” Salad

Happy Halloween Everyone! I am a little late today with my Halloween Food – having a good day, computer broke down, microwave fell off, I think my house is haunted…
Oh, well, I am not afraid of anything because I am the scariest one out there! Halloween "Pumpkin" Salad

Happy Pumpkins



For Sale by Owner in Milton, Ontario

4 month ago I was invited to inspect a house and prepare an appraisal for an extremely nice couple in Milton. It was the best house on the street with lots of upgrades, so a little tricky to find good comparables for. But we got it done and arrived at the listing price exceeding sellers' expectations by about 50K. Both sellers – husband and wife seemed very happy with my marketing plan and the appraisal. I was to come back in 2 weeks after the couple would have come back from vacation to get the listing documents signed. In 2 weeks precisely I called the sellers to make an appointment and was told…..

For Sale by Owner

Was told…….

Successful People from Our Neighborhood – Ludmila Schneider, Photographer

Today, I would like to introduce a photographer Ludmila Shnaider. She is a wonderful woman who is in love with her profession. She considers herself very lucky because she has found the passion of her life in the art of photography. Her unique vision and her ability to create unusual work has already gotten a lot of interest from many admirers.
ludmila schmeider

Who is this Lady?…

Sales and Average Home Price for W08: Kinsway South, Eringate Centennial, Etobicoke West Mall

I am paying a really close attention to this area, and not just from the Real Estate Sales perspective. As we all know, one of the major amenities of the area – Etobicoke Olympium Complex, located in the Centennial Park was closed for the renovations until summer of 2014. We discussed the closure earlier in June, article is still available here. Well, sales are up, new shops and stores are being build, looks like this will be another area turning from high demand to super-high demand.


See report…