Unusual Houses of the World – Free Spirit Spheres

Theses amazing tree houses are located in the middle of the forest, Vancouver Island, BC Canada! The best part is that anyone can live in there, at least for a few days, as it is a hotel, probably one of the most unusual hotels in the world!

Free Spirit Spheres

This unusual houses were built to exist naturally within the forest environment rather then alter it. They have many names, Free Spirit Spheres is the official name, but they are also called Ecoball, Tree Houses, Suspended Houses.
They are in fact suspended between the trees, using tree trunks and branches as their natural support. Houses are open to the visitors year round, but they do have age restriction (min 16) and pet restriction (due to allergies)
Tree House
Houses actually have names – Eve, Eryn and Melody. They all slightly differ in design, size and weight restrictions. Eve was the first hand crafted sphere, 9 feet in diameter, Eryn – 10,5 feet and Melody is the most recent.
Suspended House
Free Spirit Spheres have their own web-site, that you are welcome to visit to read more about these amazing homes, learn about the rates and make reservations! Click here!

And here is quick video for you to enjoy!

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk

Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty


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