Unusual Houses of the World – Horse-shoe Shaped Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! May the Patron of the year, Noble Horse, be kind to all the honest, hard-working and fair folks of the world! And in my Unusual Houses of the World rubric for today we will talk about the building located…. of course in China! And what does it look like? Of course like a Horse-Shoe!

Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort
Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort  at Night

Just enjoy the wonder…

Houses in Art – Judy Gibson

What I truly love about Judy Gibson's works is that they are full of life. It is not just a picture perfect house, it is a home. A home with its own soul and character. And what else can ensure that a house really has a soul other then those messy little things – cats, and dogs, and candles, and fire in the fireplace, books, flowers and children
Fire Place

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Foody Thursday – Swimmer’s Choice Pasta Salad

If you ever had kids doing competitive sports, you know what "food donations" are….It has to be fresh, healthy, balanced and in ridiculous amounts. Usually this salad disappears before chocolate chip cookies, which is a huge pleasure for Mama (I mean myself). Ok, then, lets get started.

Pasta Salad Big

Just keep swimming, Nemo…