First Post of The Year – No Resolutions and Don’t Watch the Watch

Making resolutions is the dumbest thing ever as far as I am concerned. Everyone wants to get better, but why and in which way? Lets have a look at the most popular resolutions as I have a feeling we are being brainwashed yet again.

No Resolutions

1. Lose Weight – numero uno resolution in North America. How much weight do we need to lose? And by when? And when it happens, then what? Will we get happy or at least happier? Every gal will get to marry Brad Pitt? And every dude will have a date with Angelina? Nope, we don't know why we need to do it and we don't think that losing weight WILL NOT make as prettier, happier or healthier. We don't know "why", but "how" is already dangling in front of our nose, just get your pesos $$$ ready – magic pills, super shakes, wonder bars. How about we just learn to love our bodies? And by "love" I don't mean "put up", by "love" I mean "care". Love your body the way you love your child, just him the best – food, cloth, sports, education. And best does not mean the most expensive – just use your common sense.

2. Get Fit. Again, why? and to what degree? Get a six-pack or walk up 5 stairs without collapsing? We are trying to get it easy – grab some fitness club membership – so very funny, since this is exactly what we were "supposed" to do along with buying a magic pill. Just makes someone else richer.

3. Spend more time with family. And right after this one we get a long list of links to bowling clubs, movie theaters and playdiums, where you will sure go and spend-spend-spend your hard earned $$$ but none of the quality time with your family. By quality time, I personally, understand socializing – talking, looking at each other, holding hands, hugging, kissing, admiring – your spouse or partner, kids, siblings. And what kind of socializing can you do when you are staring at the screen or banging on some silly play-machines? How about going for a walk? You don't even need a toboggan to slide down the snowy hill – garbage bag will do just fine! And one simple walk with your family will cover Number 1, 2, 3 and 4.

4. Save money. This one is great if you know what to do with what you saved. If you are just keeping your savings in the 1.5% annual interest "saving" bank account – you are wasting, not saving. But we can discuss our investment opportunities later in the year.

5. Get rid of a bad habit. Love this one. And I am not being sarcastic, seriously. But did you know it takes about 40 days to get a good habit or to get rid of the bad one? And it is not just 40 days of not smoking for example. It is 40 days of not smoking and smiling, and feeling great, and giving yourself a pat on a shoulder and doing a little happy dance every time you don't smoke. If you just don't smoke for 40 days and feel miserable, don't bother – go spend $$$, get yourself a miracle patch and get back to smoking as soon as you are off the patch.

So, those were top popular ones, as to the rest, they are quite similar. Why I don't make resolutions? Just sounds too fancy… When I feel the need for a change – I don't have to wait till the New Year.

By, the way, this New Year celebration was the best ever – we got together with the best friends – we cooked, joked, played with kids, laughed our heads off and almost missed The New Year. You know, we were too busy laughing to watch the clock! Sounds almost like a phrase from the famous Russian poet Alexander Griboyedov – in my artistic translation – "Happy People don't watch the watch"

Don't Watch the Watch
And this is exactly what I would like to wish all of my dear friends and readers – Just do it, Be Happy and Don't Watch the Watch!


Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty


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