Unusual Houses of the World – Kuchlbauer Tower

It is Friday – think Germany, think Bavaria, you are on a right track so far… Think Beer, think crazy monuments of beer, think Unusual Houses of the World, think Marina. Very logical chain, right? Welcome to Kuchlbauer Tower!

Kuchlbauer Tower at Night

The Kuchlbauer Tower is an observation tower. It was designed by Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser on the grounds of the Kuchlbauer Brewery in Abensberg, a town in Lower Bavaria in Germany on request of the owner of the brewery.

Unusual Houses

Unfortunately, the architect was unable to see his creation to open doors to public. He passed away in 2000 during the tower's planning phase. The tower was completed after Hundertwasser's death under the direction of Leonhard Salleck, owner of the brewery, with architect Peter Pelikan overseeing construction.

Kuchlbauer Tower - Beer Place

Originally, tower was planned as a 70-meter structure. But this did not fly to well with German building authorities. The tower is actually 35 meters high. This is a sad example of the constant war between talented people and government regulations.
Kuchlbauer Tower - Inside
The construction of the tower began on 23 April 2007. On 8 August 2008 the gold-plated observation ball, with a 10-meter diameter and a weight of 12 metric tons, was installed on top of the tower. The tower was opened to visitors in January 2010.

Kuchlbauer Tower - at Night

Top of the Tower

Inside the tower a visitor can see a collection of 4200 Weissbier glasses, along with an exhibition on the brewing process and an explanation of the Bavarian Purity Law. At the top of the tower in the walls of the dome, visitor can also see the tree of knowledge. As the visitor gets down, he is given a choice of one drink on the house. There are 6 different kinds of Hefeweizen to pick from ranging from alcohol free to the one that will open visitor's imagination beyond the limits imaginable.
Happy tasting!

Kuchlbauer Tower

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk

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