Like it or not – We have to do it right the First Time

Remember that first scary time behind the wheel? Cars around you were going too fast, pedestrians were jumping out too suddenly, right hand did not know what the left doing. And now you are a pro – one hand on the wheel, talking on the phone, swearing at GPS, reading all bigboards along the way and thinking about your next vacation in Hawaii.


We watched an amazing movie last night –  "About Time", and it really got me thinking. We wake up every morning, and it's like that first time behind the wheel – too scary, too stressful, too fast to enjoy the ride. And unlike the movie character, we never get the second chance. What if the whole life goes by, and we will not notice the most important, something that was worth living for?

If you did not watch it – I highly recommend! Come back later  – we will have a chat, may be we can figure out together how to get that second chance, may be not all the time, but here and there, when it is really needed!

Have a lovely Saturday evening and enjoy the moment!

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk

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