Unusual Houses of the World – Toilet Shaped House

You think our Mayor is crazy? Wait till you discover this one!
Scientists proved January 17th to be the most depressing day of the year – holidays are long gone and spring is still way far away. Luckily, it is all in our power to change our mood, laugh and share a good joke! Hopefully this fun house featured in my Unusual Houses Series will help to bring a smile to your face!


This highly unusual architectural structure was built by late mayor of Suwon, South Korea, Sim Jae-Duck. They say, the mayor was  born in the restroom of his mother's parent's house. Mayor's mother believed that people born in the restroom would have a long, happy and prosperous life. Sim Jae-Duck founded World Toilet Association and spent a lot of time and effort to advocate for clean, efficient, and working sanitation for more than 2.6 billion people living without properly equipped bathrooms worldwide.  He also wrote a book entitled "Happy to be with you, Toilet!" No wonder he was known as Mr. Toilet.
Structure was built in 2007 to mark the birth of the World Toilet Association, Mr. Toilet had his home of thirty years destroyed. In its place, he had architect Go Gi-wong build a house of this very peculiar shape.

2-storey structure is 4,508-square-foot, built of concrete and glass. The cost of the construction was quite significant and varies from 1.1 to 1.6 million dollars depending on the source.

Building features two bedrooms, two living rooms and 3 bathrooms one of which is a showcase, glass-walled bathroom at it's center. For the folks concerned with privacy it can turn the walls opaque at the touch of a button. It also has electronic motion sensors that lift and lower the lid when needed.
The home also features a roof-top balcony that's accessible by a "toilet drain" staircase and equipped with rainwater harvesting technology.
Building has a name  – Haewoojae, meaning a "retreat where one could resolve one's life's problems".
Between 2007 and 2009 house was offered for rent at the mere $50 000 a day. Wouldn't you love spending a night or two in the toilet? Just imagine standing on that fancy balcony with your spouse: "Honey, it is late, I am tired, lets go down the drain"
Toilet Shaped House Inside
After mayor's passing in 2009, the structure was donated to the city and turned into a museum, featuring the history of restroom development from the ancient times to our days.
first floor schematic
Later, the whole theme park was built around the structure, it's being called the "world's first toilet theme park". On display there are Roman style loos, European bedpans, and ancient Korean flush toilets as well as fun facts about poop.
Here is the Mister Mayor himself.
So, the question is (and I am ready to offer the prize for the correct answer) "Are all the Mayors smoking the same thing?"

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk

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