Successful People from Our Neighborhood – Olga Pankova, Portrait and Live Events Artist

I see trees of green…….. red roses too
I see em bloom….. for me and for you
And I think to myself…. what a wonderful world.
(from What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong)

For the artist Olga Pankova this wonderful world is not a dream, but a dream that came true. A dream that she is achieving everyday again and again by her hard work and with her sunshine personality. Please, welcome, Olga Pankova, mother, wife and famous and very successful artist – all in one!


Olga, what kind of artist are you?
I am a trained artist.  My current speciality is portrait artistry in a number of mediums.  I have recently started to provide a service that permits me to paint at live events.
You now live in Toronto, but where are you originally from?
I was born in the city of Tashkent in Uzbekistan
Could you share with us a few words about your family, parents, siblings?
My mother and father always encouraged me as a young child in developing my art skills.  I am the only child, and while growing up, I had plenty of time to draw and paint.
What was your dream as a child? Did it come true?
I always wanted to have a large family. A home where my family could sit around a large table.  Being together.  Today, I am surrounded by a large family, and loving it.
Olga at Arcaf Show "Born in the USSR"
What was your first job and what was your worst job?
My first job/contract, was painting a large wall mural at a local daycare.  I had a great time painting cartoon characters.
I have been very fortunate, that I have worked with great people and great projects.  I really have nothing bad to say about any work or company that I have worked with.
Perfect City by Olga. Painting that got Olga first prize in the Downtown Markham Art Contest in 2013
Could you tell us a funny story from your life?
A few years back, when I first met my husband to be, I thought that he knew nothing about using a computer.  He let me go on and on for hours and for days on showing him how to use a computer.  Finally, he broke down, and confessed, that 1) he was a Computer Science graduate, and 2) he was and still is expert level in all aspects of computing technology.  He only allowed me to teach him, so that he could get to continue the relationship with me.  It worked !
Do you like to travel and where would you like to go?
I love to travel, I am looking forward to a number of visits to the USA and to continue my travels to Europe, would love to visit Italy.
Olga at Work
Olga painting at the wedding
What do you like to do when you have time, your hobbies?
I love cooking and baking ! – I love experimenting, and quite often, I am pretty successful at creating new and exciting meals for my family and friends.  When I am not busy painting, I love to just spend time with my family.
What is the most challenging part of your job?
Too many times, I get so caught up in my painting, that I forget what time it is.  I just love being in the moment.  I have to be reminded to stop!
What part of your job do you like the most?
To paint for a client. I love to see the expression on their faces when they come to pick up the final piece of work.
Recently, with my Live Event Artistry service, I perform at weddings.  I just love seeing the brides' expression as they come to my studio and see the completed work.  It usually brings tears to their eyes.  I am always so happy to see this.
Completed Scene
Another Scene brought to life by Olga
What is success for you?
Success for me has many facets.  I believe that I am successful due to having a great family and friends.
I am successful due to the support of my family.
I am fortunate to have my trusting clients, permitting me to paint their most cherished moments.
I truly believe that for me, success is measured not only from a business point of view, but from a total life experience.
I have been blessed with everything that I have.

We will make a quick brake to enjoy Olga's beautiful works

What do you still want to achieve?
I look forward to the day, that I have a larger international following, regarding my art.  I have been fortunate to date, with my current successes, but would welcome the opportunity to provide my services at a larger global level.
What is home for you?
My home is where my family is at.  As of now, I love being in Canada with my family.  It is a great place to live and raise children. It provides for great opportunities.  I love calling Canada HOME!

Thank you very much Olga for your time and your amazing work!

Please, check out Olga's web-site for more works, to book your live event artist (please, schedule ahead) or to order your portrait!

Also, Olga is taking part in the Art Battle Markham, next Monday, January 27th at 7 pm at Markham Theatre for the Performing Arts, 171 Town Centre Blvd, Markham, Ontario L3R 8G5

More details and Facebook Event

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come and support Olga!

Photographs compliments of Olga Pankova
Title photo by Ludmila Schnaider
Video accompaniment "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong

Story compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty

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Successful people


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