Art Battle in Markham – Results!

Just a quick report for those who was not able to attend. It was an awesome evening, a true battle of art!

Round 1

Winner of the first round
Event started at 7:30 and consisted of 3 rounds.

1st round – 6 pre-selected artist, including our dear friend, Olga Pankova!

2nd round – another 6 artists.

Out of first 2 rounds audience was to select 4 best artists – (2 from each round) to meet at the final battle – round 3.
Competition was tough, battle was fierce, all the artists –  very strong, experienced and highly competitive. And just for a moment, they were only given 20 minutes to complete their creation.

The piece of art above became the winning bet for Olga Pankova in round 1. And the awesome owl, picture just below, brought her the first place and made her the winner of Art Battle Markham, Olga will continue to compete in the Art Battle and with her amazing skills, sense of color and ability to see the beauty in every little thing, the first prize for the Nationals might be just around the corner.

Round 3
Winner of the Art Battle – photo by Ludmila Schnaider
All the best to Olga, and we will be here to support!
Round 2
With Olga, her Mom, her Dad in Law and The Winning Owl – photo by Ludmila Schnaider

Successful People from Our Neighborhood – Olga Pankova, Portrait and Live Events Artist

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk

Being a Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty is so much fun!

Looking to own an amazing house? Ask Marina!


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