Trying to bluff? At least exercise your memory!

I believe that while bluffing is perfectly fine for poker, it is totally unacceptable and highly unethical in real estate practice. Some people think otherwise. I am not here to judge anybody, but for God's sake, if you choose to bluff, at least remember what you were saying 5 minutes ago!


We submitted an offer last week on behalf of the client. Property was in a highly desirable area and fairly priced, so we anticipated the possibility of multiple offers. The client's decision was to go full listing price, with the only condition on home inspection, as the house was in an extremely bad shape. Offer was registered at 6 pm and was the only registered offer at that time.

At 7 pm I received a phone call from the listing agent (I will call him Barney) asking for more money!?!?! He decided to inform me that he was in the business fr 23 years (as if I give a flying bark), that he already had 4 offers not counting mine and my client needs to come up with additional $50 000, remove the condition and triple the deposit!?!?

2 phone calls later (first to the listing brokerage – 2 registered offers including mine, second to the client – double the deposit, keep the rest) I am returning Barney's phone call and being told that the client would not consider any offers that are not  $75 000 over the listing price?!?!

Instructions from the client – forget it, let's find something else.

2 days later guess what? Phone call from Barney! He's now been in business for 26 years (a day for  a year, I guess), has 7 offers (3 including mine – I checked) and needs additional $100 000 from my client to still "be in the game"???!!!!????

3 days later – checking on MLS – house is still on the market – calling Barney:

 – Barney, did you sell the house?

 – Yes, sold firm and you wouldn't believe the price!!

– Oh yeah? What is it?

– Oh, I have to check, but it's a lot

– You are the listing agent, you sold it, I assume today, since the status on MLS is not updated yet, and you "have to check" the price?

– I've been in business for 30 years! Are you trying to tell me how I should work?

– No, Barney, I am not trying, Barney, God help you, Barney!   – and as I hung up  – Hope, I will never have to work with you again, Barney!!!

So, what do you think, good memory is a blessing or a curse?

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk

Being a Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty is so much fun!

Looking to own an amazing house? Ask Marina!


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