Successful People from Our Neighborhood – Susanna Yampolsky, Personal Trainer

My today's guest is carrying out a mission very noble, highly demanding and emotionally challenging. Susanna Yampolsky is a fitness personal trainer, prenatal and postnatal instructor, nutritionist, author of numerous health and fitness related articles. She helped many people with various health problems, including cancer, chronic fatigue, stroke, excessive or insufficient weight. Do you want to look great? Do you want to feel great? Ask Susanna how!

Susanna, when did you move to Canada and where are you originally from?

I am originally from Kiev, Ukraine. I came to Canada in the end of 1979 with my parents.  

How about your family, any brothers or sisters?

I am the only child.  My parents wanted to give me a better life than they had in Ukraine and that was the main reason why they came to Canada.  I am very proud of my parents since they arrived with nothing to this country and were able to show me that with a lot of perseverance you can achieve many things in life.  

Susanna, did you have a dream as a child?

As a child, I actually wanted to become a veterinarian, but we left Ukraine when I was 14 and when I came to Canada I realized there were many other possibilities.

What was your first job? And the worst job?

I got my first job when I was 15. I was cleaning apartments for senior people.  I was paid $3 an hour, but I was happy I had some kind of money, since I was a teenager and like any other teenager I was interested in clothes and make up and my parents were not able to give me any extra money.  My worst job was probably working night shifts at the pita factory.  The work was tedious and it was very hot on the premises.

Do you have a funny story to share?

I guess one of the interesting stories that happened to me was when I went with my girlfriends to a bar/lounge and we were sitting at the table and having a drink.  At some point  we noticed a lot of commotion. We were trying to figure out what was going on and then we saw an oriental guy giving autographs to a lot of people.  A lot of women were  swooning all over him.  I was not paying any attention to that as I am not a celebrity crazy person.  All of a sudden some guy comes up to me and tells me that Suzur Lee would like to meet me.  I said “who?” I had no idea who that was. Meanwhile, my girlfriends were really excited since this actually was a famous chef who appeared on many TV programs and he has several restaurants here and in New York.   I said “ok” I will talk to him.  So we ended up talking half of the night and he joined us with another chef at our table.  He was actually a very interesting person and invited us to come to one of his restaurants and try his food.

Susanna, do you like to travel?

I do like to travel when time permits.  I love Europe, would go back to Italy, Spain, France any time.  I have never been to Greece, so that is probably where I would like to go next.
What about your hobbies, do you have any?

When I have spare time I love to go dancing, especially Latin dancing.  I do a lot of Zumba classes at the gym (Zumba is a mix of aerobic and latin dance moves).  I am a very people oriented person , so I really enjoy spending time with my family and my friends.  

How did you decide to become a personal trainer?

I work as a personal fitness trainer.  It is an interesting story how I decided to become one.  I always wanted to go into health industry and thought that it would be a good choice for me to become a nutritionist.  Therefore, in high school I took all required courses like chemistry and biology.  But when I was applying to universities,  my family was worried that this is really not such a great profession and there would not be enough jobs offered, so we decided that I should go into Business program at Ryerson.  After graduating from Ryerson, I worked in several big companies but I never really enjoyed the business environment and the politics that went with it.  I got married one year before my graduation from university and after couple of years of working we have decided to start a family.  When I had my daughter, my husband and I felt that it would be more beneficial for me to stay home and take care of her.  Then, when my daughter was 1 ½ years old, I got really sick and it took two weeks to diagnose me with brain aneurysm.  I was lucky to be alive and the doctors were in awe that I still was alive.  So for the treatment they decided to try and put me on steroids and bunch of other pills to shrink the damage that was done in the brain, which resulted in me gaining 50 lbs in two months.   I was very depressed, but  was happy that I survived and could be with my daughter.  Some time has passed and I got better, but I still had a lot of extra weight on me, so I have decided to join the gym and hire a personal trainer to help me out.  He was a great trainer,  who was very knowledgeable and guided me to lose weight properly.   I felt and looked great and a lot of people were asking me for advice.  I learned so much and was excited about helping other people and  he suggested that I take a Personal Fitness Trainer’s course and get a certificate.  And that exactly what I did!!!

What is the most challenging part of your job?

The most challenging part of my job is dealing with all kind of people.  You have to find a personal way to deal with each person.  

What is your favorite part?

What I like the most about my job is seeing  people achieve results, feeling better about themselves and getting their health on the right track.

What is success for you?

Success to me is when people tell me that they could never have done this without me and how I changed their life.   I have clients that have been with me for the last 10 years and we have become a family.   I have helped them through good times and bad.  When I see their children growing up realizing how important exercise and proper nutrition is, it means a lot to me.
Because, children learn by example.  It is important to show that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

What would you still like to achieve?

I am ready to help more people and to show them that they could be in control of their bodies.  It is hard to start,  but once you do and you are hooked on it, you will never let go because it makes you feel amazing!

Susanna Yampolsky
Two beauties – Susanna and her daughter
Susanna, are you a happy person?

Being happy for me means having my family and friends around me and enjoy life to the fullest, because I do know now that if you are given a second chance in life, you do have to take advantage of it.

What is home for you?

Home is where people I love and cherish!

Thank you very much, Susanna!
To read Susanna's articles – please visit
Core Expectations web-site

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty

Photographs compliments of Susanna Yampolsky

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