10 Wrong Reasons to Choose a Realtor

What are the reasons for you when choosing a service provider? Experience, professionalism, education, recommendations? Those are all important things to consider. But what are bad reasons to choose a Realtor? Let's have a look

Choosing a Realtor

1. He/she is a friend or relative. There is actually nothing wrong in working with friends or family, as long as this is not the only reason.

2. He/she offered to do the job for the lowest commission. You want to save money. This is great. We all do. But ask yourself why he/she discounts the services – desperation? poor quality? All goods and services are discounted for a reason and if you manage to find Tiffany at the Dollar Store – please, please, DO SEND ME THE ADDRESS.

3. He/she offered to list your home for the highest price. We all want to make good money on a sale of our home. I would really like to make about 2 million (even though my home is not worth more then $650K). I can probably go ahead and list my home for 2 million, and give all my neighbors a good laugh, but this is not what we are trying to achieve, right?

4. He/she offered you a free home evaluation. Any Realtor will do that. Ask for the sample. What does the sample of evaluation look like? 3 pity full pages of the neighborhood sales? Your evaluation report should rather resemble a fair size book, including comprehensive reports on historical sales, competition, demographics, market trends, etc.

5. He/she offered you a free home evaluation over the phone. Convenient? Sure! I just can't perceive how! Can a doctor diagnose a patient without seeing him in person?  Scary….

6. He/she said your home looks great and no work needs to be done. He/she is probably trying to flatter. Unless you live in the museum, every home needs work. Some of the houses need extensive work, some – just few little touches. New mailbox? Door mat? Towels? Just little things that will make your home more attractive and bring you more $$$.

7. He/she offered you free staging. What type of staging? Complete set of furniture, area rugs, window coverings and art for your 3000 square feet home? Go for it!!! 3-4 cushions or pictures for your otherwise perfect home? No, thanks, don't see any value here.

8. He/she is also a mortgage broker, home stager, financial adviser. The scariest one is a Realtor + home inspector. Yes, they might offer some savings by combining services, but you really want an independent opinion i all of those areas. You also want your mortgage broker to find to the best deal on a mortgage, your home stager to make your home look perfect, your home inspector to discover all big and small deficiencies, and your Realtor to concentrate on marketing of your home.

9. He/she offered you a discount to list your home, if your buy your next home with him/her. This is a very fair practice, but again, shall not be the only reason. Most of the Realtors will do the same. Negotiate!

10. You feel obligated to list/buy with him/her.  There might be various reasons for you to feel forced into a contract. Realtor is your neighbor, acquaintance of your parents, you meet at the church, go to the same club, etc. Knowing the person you deal with is great, but you shall not fell pushed and rushed. Feeling pressured is not the best way to start your relationships.

With heart and style from Marina Gavrylyuk

Being a Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty is an honor and great responsibility!

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