Houses in Art – George Kovach

Amazing, almost photographic style of George Kovach is impossible to oversee. Again, many of you might be familiar with his works from the post cards, calendars and puzzles. Enjoy!


George Kovach was born In Cleveland Ohio in 1942. It was during his childhood on an Ohio farm that art became the focus of George's life. After moving to Miami, Florida in his early teens, George's talent was further stimulated and refined by easier access to museums and art classes. His unique style was developed more fully when he received a scholarship to the Art Institute of Miami. After graduating, George worked as a commercial artist. He joined the Air force in 1961. After his discharge he devoted his full attention to art and has been a full time fine artist for over 30 years. Now George and his wife Kay live near Abilene, Texas.
Autumn Memories
George's landscapes reflect the sensitivity and the warmth which flows from the artist to the canvas. Each painting, eloquent and rich with the artist's unique lighting effect, has put his work in demand among noted collectors throughout the United States. Concise and quiet in manner, George is dedicated to the integrity of his profession and strives for authenticity and accuracy in every painting.
George has been commissioned to do paintings for numerous prestigious customers, both celebrities and corporate. A founding member of the Texas Cowboy Artist Association, George was awarded a gold medallion three consecutive years for "Best of Show". In his own words, "Painting is a way of communicating my thoughts and feelings and the joy that I receive from my art."
Boys of Summer
Since joining his publisher, Northwoods Craftsman, in 1992, George has become "One of America's Most Versatile Artists". He loves the challenge of painting a wide variety of subjects and having his artwork appeal to almost everyone. If you look closely at a Kovach painting, you begin to understand who George is and what he stands for. You will often find churches and family in many of his pieces, as these values are extremely important to him.
George Kovach Painting
George has enjoyed many awards and honors. From top selling prints and recognition as one of America's "Artist to Watch" in U.S. Art Magazine to being the "National Guest Artist" for Milwaukee public television in 2007.
Midland Train Station


George Kovach's paintings and limited edition prints are collected worldwide. D. Parks and Associates LLC is the licensing agency for his publisher, Northwoods Craftsman. Numerous foundations and vendors have licensed his work for jigsaw puzzles, calendars, Christmas cardsc the U.S. and Japan.
Waylons Place
Artist's bio from Art Licensing
Artist's official web-site

With heart and style from Marina Gavrylyuk
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Houses in Art

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