Spring is here, brains are melting…

Weather was just gorgeous today, what a relief! And then, something hits the fan!

sign of good luck

I was out with the client looking at some homes in Mississauga today. Quite residential street. Parked on the curbside (our brokerage security does not allow us to park on the driveway), actually right in the middle of the snowbank, thanks to my monster truck.
As we are coming from the backyard, my client keeps saying something about me having to bring him luck. Ok…Ok. Next moment all I see is this crazy lady in a van goes flying backwards out of her driveway across the street and right into left back corner of my poor truck. Bang!!! My eyes are popping out, I am dropping all my stuff in the snow. We are getting closer – there is a huge plastic piece laying on the road, looking like a part of my bumper. I pick it up, crazy lady jumps out of her car, grabs it from me and starts screaming that it fell off her car. "Sure thing, darling! – I say. – "You are driving Dodge, and this piece clearly says Nissan Xterra on it"
Long story short – it was a piece of rare wheel cover that fell off, and a few scratches. I bet you, if there was a sedan parked in my place – it would have been quite a mess.
Now, a question – when you break dishes it means luck is coming your way, so when you get cars smashed – can tiny little me even contain such a chunk of upcoming luck?

Truly yours Marina Gavrylyuk
Being Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty is fun! Sometimes it is more fun then you asked for….



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