Unusual Houses of the World – Gherkin Building

This lovely weather for some reason makes me think of London (I'd rather be thinking of Jamaica). So, today we will be talking about Unusual Houses of Foggy Albion. One of the most famous structures of London – Gherkin Building.

Modern Famous Buildings

Gherkin Building or "The Gherkin" is a skyscraper in London's main financial district,  the City of London, the address is 30 St Mary Axe.

After the plans to build the Millennium Tower were dropped, 30 St Mary Axe was designed by Norman Foster and Arup engineers and was erected by Skanska in 2001–2003.
Structure was completed in December 2003 and opened in April 2004.


View of London

The tower is 180 meters (591 ft) tall, has 41 floors, the tower is and stands on the site of the former Baltic Exchange, which was extensively damaged in 1992 by the explosion of a bomb placed by the Provisional IRA.

The variation of the diameter of the plants is significant, it measures 49 meters at the base, 56.5 at its widest, narrowing to 26.5 on the top floor.
The oval shape achieves an average area of 1,400 square meters per floor, which rises to the level in 1800 and 16 drops to 600 in 34.
According to the author, this "helps the flow of winds around the walls, reducing the pressure on the structure and avoiding any way to ground level, which could affect pedestrians."
Likewise, the advantages in the interior and the possibility of orthogonal available in the areas of desktops and in the center, a rectangular area of bathrooms and staircases. Most rooms have views of the exterior: only 3% of Swiss Re's spaces are closed.
Gherkin roof
The cigar-shaped structure has a steel frame with circular floor plans and a glass facade with diamond-shaped panels. The swirling striped pattern visible on the exterior is the result of the building's energy-saving system which allows the air to flow up through spiraling wells.
On the street level, the Gherkin's base is well integrated with an open public plaza. Huge white X braces create a dramatic entrance. The top of the tower, where visitors find an open hall covered by a glass conical dome is even more spectacular. From here you have great views over the city. Unfortunately the building is not open to the public.
Gherkin close up
Its unique, bold and energy efficient design has won the Gherkin many awards including the Stirling Prize, the London Region Award, and the Emporis Skyscraper Award.
gherkin bird view
Sure enough, the building has its own web-site!
gherkin building inside
In 2007, Swiss Re sold the building to IVG and Evans Randall. However, Swiss Re continues to use the building along with another tenant, Kirkland and Ellis.
Gherkin Building London
Interesting numbers:

35 km of steel, 10 thousand tons were used to build
24,000 square meters of glass were used for the exterior of the building, equivalent to five football fields.
360. The top floor is a circular bar that overlooks the entire city.
40 floors and 180 meters in height is Swiss Re, making it the second highest skyscraper in London.
76,400 square meters of offices offers the Swiss Re
Unusual Houses of the World - Entrance to the Gherkin Building

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