Houses in Art – Diane Millsap

What attracts you in art? Subject? Patterns? Idea? For me it is color! Vivid vibrant colors, creating the illusion of real time presence, slightly opening the curtain of artist's soul. Diane Millsap was my personal discovery of the month. Neither have I seen her wonderful art before nor had a chance to visit New Orleans, singing of her canvases. Well, Louisiana is definitely going on my list of must-visit places. As to Diane's art, thanks God for the internet. And I am sure a day will come and I will see this miracle live, and, who knows, may be will get to meet the artist!

Bourbon Street Red

Diane is passionate about New Orleans. She loves its architecture, music, and most of all, its people. As she says, 'As an artist, I have become enchanted with this city because it has a depth of soul and a love of life that reaches out to everyone.' It is a constant source of inspiration for her, and she makes frequent visits to New Orleans to paint and photograph and visit friends.
Houses in Art
Houses in Art - Real Estate
In New Orleans, Diane is represented by the KAKO GALLERY on Royal Street in the heart of the French Quarter. Her popular New Orleans prints are sold in such retail stores as Bed, Bath, & Beyond and widely distributed by such online merchants as and
Her vibrant, distinctive paintings of New Orleans have been chosen by many corporations and civic organizations as marketing images, and her paintings hang in many private and corporate collections across the United States and abroad.

Court Of The Two Sisters

Real Estate

Diane Millsap was born in Southern California, and raised in the Chicago area. She received her formal art training at Western Illinois University. She and her husband currently reside in rural northern Illinois.
Houses in Art


Houses in Art

remembering Canal Street

Visit Diane's official web-site to see more or follow her on Face Book

Sunday is almost over –  have a bright and colorful week!

With heart and style from Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty

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Houses in Art


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