Precious Laughter Performs Miracles

I know, I know you are trying to sell me stuff. You, dude, calling me precisely at dinner time, no matter what time we have dinner – you always get it right. You, old chap, knocking on my door, and setting off my dog for the whole day. And you, lady, smiling to me of the garbage bin! Who would want their face on the garbage bin anyways? But all of you are trying to sell stuff. Soap, water, vacuum cleaners, duct cleaning services, cockroach… I mean pet insurance. Whatever it is you are selling, just make me laugh and I will buy it ok?


I will buy Evian water

And gym membership

I will even consider buying a Smart car, even though parking in the whole in the wall does not seem really attractive

And I will definitely get this laundry detergent, just in case, you know…

Life is way too short to be serious, make me laugh and you will have a client for life!

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty – selling with a smile!


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