Grow House Anyone? Help yourself – there is plenty around!

I just cant stress enough the importance of research and market evaluation for the buyer clients. For some reason, when selling, people want to know the value of their home, but when buying, they are not doing this extra step (or shall I say not being led by their real estate agent to make this extra step?) I just came across this wonderful example in Mississauga, ON and all I can do is wonder: HOW????


Home in Mississauga sells in July 2013 for way under 500K. Large lot, excellent high demand neighborhood, close to amenities. Paying 10-15 % below the market price – Good for the buyer!

Very same home goes back on the market in February 2014. Listing price is 200K more.

Everyone is flipping houses our days, right? There are just a couple of issues here…

1. You would hope for some extensive renovations and upgrades, but pictures on the new listing look very similar to those from the listing in July – old kitchen, old bathroom

2. Basement had been finished, but I don't believe in finished basements being worth 200K

3. Listing price is about 75K over the market

I could not apply any of the existing home evaluation methods to explain this marvelous increase in value, and, since one of my clients expressed an interest in the property, I called the listing agent. Not the current listing agent. Listing agent who sold the home in July.
And guess what?

4. To add to all the previous benefits – it is a GROW HOUSE! Yes, yes, the one used for growing illegal substances, marijuana in particular and the one that supposed to go for the price of land.

Long story short – my client is not buying it. And anyone shouldn't without getting a detailed market evaluation and knowing what are you getting yourself into.

Please, make sure the property you are buying is worth what you are paying for it, or at least has some potential – get your free market evaluation.

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