Creative Home Designs – Carpets and Area Rugs, Just Imagine in Your Living Room

Back with the popular series – Creative Home Designs. Today I will present a few pieces of carpeting art, taken to the extreme. Which one would you use for your living room?

1. Where is my bacon? What a pitiful omission!!!!


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Successful People from Our Neighborhood – Jaan Pill, Teacher and Documentary Writer

True teachers never retire. Their passion to help and share the kindness of their hearts never goes away. Their wisdom and experience is always around for those in need. They step up with incredible generosity and support never expecting anything in return.
It is a great honor for me to introduce Jaan Pill, teacher, documentary writer, Jane's Walk Connector, blogger at Preserved Stories, loving father and husband, and caring neighbor.

Jaan Pill

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Ethics and Realtors don’t go well together!

Ethics and Realtors don't go well together. This was the comment on one of the real estate article in CBC News. Being a Realtor myself, I usually get hurt by such comments. Why do they think Realtors are dishonest, unethical and greedy? We are all different, just like there are great doctors and horrible doctors, excellent drivers and "death of wheels", musicians with a "sparkle of God" and musicians please-shoot-me-now-so-that-I-don't-have-to-listen-to-this. And we all get what we deserve! Karma, you know! I usually don't share this kind of stories, but will change the names and make an exemption


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Mr. and Mrs. Home Seller, please, Leave the Premises!!!!

I am a firm believer that showing homes to potential home buyers in the presence of home owners is a total waste of time. Usually, the more home buyers like the house, the longer they would spend viewing it. My personal statistics shows that when a buyer hates the house – we are out of there in 5 minutes, but when they like it to the point of placing an offer – the viewing time increases to 30-45-60 minutes and I usually have to lead them out as our time is up. Well, when the home owner is around during the showing, the buyers are out in 5-10 minutes.

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Unusual Houses of the World – Ideal Palace

This post is not about houses, or architecture, or wild imagination. This post is about dreams coming true, when you keep dreaming. And not just dreaming but building your dream, pebble by pebble, day by day. Even it takes most of your life to accomplish. Never give up and don't listen to those who says it is impossible.

Ideal Palace in France

Percipience, dedication, passion …