You Are Fired, Home Buyer!

I met you six month ago at the open house. Over this time we met quite a few times, spoke on the phone and exchanged numerous e-mails. I grew to like your family, your kids. I know what you like and what you hate. But today I have to say this: YOU ARE FIRED!!!!


When we met, you said that you are under a contract with another Realtor, but you were not liking the service and would like to move forward with someone else. You said, you placed offers on homes before, but communication was so poor, you did not know what to do and what to expect next. I advised you, that I couldn't help you in this case.

You came back in 2 month and said your contract expired and you still needed to buy a home.

I took you through the whole process, explained every little detail and answered all your questions. I was not forcing you under the contract until you get comfortable. I was sending you some listings here and there, since you did not want to go and look at homes in the winter.

With the first week of warm weather, I called you to take you out home-shopping. And you told me…. YOU TOLD ME… That you used one of my listings sent to you to place an offer with your previous Realtor!!! And you did not hear back from him for a WEEK! And could I please send you more listings because your Realtor does not know how to do the search and misses good properties all the time!

I am not evil, or vindictive, but seriously, YOU ARE FIRED! and you do deserve the Realtor you have. And I will not be surprised if 5 years from now you are still renting!

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty – selling with a smile!


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