Part Time Real Estate Agents

I happened to do an offer presentation this week. Before preparing an offer, I checked a few listings from the building complex of interest and discovered that all of them had lockers included, except for the one we were trying to buy. Naturally, I called the listing agent and was told that she "just forgot" to include it. Further was even better.

As the listing agent was pulling the chair to sit down for the offer presentation, she announced that she was just part time, did not know much about those offers and I would have to check if all the signatures were in place!!!

As we moved on, we discovered that:

1. Square footage on the listing was wrong

2. Parking lot number was wrong

3. Maintenance fee was wrong

4. They ordered one status certificate while two were needed.

5. I am not even saying the listing agent had no idea where her own signatures were required.

If you think getting the offer signed was the end of the story, you are not quite right. Now, for 2 days straight I am chasing the listing agent around to sign amendment,  schedule home inspection and so on. I was told the listing agent was not available and would call me back within 48 hours!!!

I just wonder whether the client is happy with this sort of "service"…….

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty – selling with a smile!


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