Condo Townhouses Available for Sale in Mississauga

I believe Ukrainians make excellent investment advisers, as this is quite natural for them not to just watch their own money, but to watch everyone else's money. How do I know? Well, it only took me 36 years to figure it out.
Now on a serious note, there 47 Condo Townhouses currently available for sale in the lovely city of Mississauga, listed under $400K with monthly maintenance under $300. Excellent investment properties or a great choice for first time home buyer!

Condo Townhouse

1. Dundas and Mavis, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, just under 600 sq feet – $210 000, maint $226

2. Winston Churchill and Eglinton, 1 bed, 1 bath, just under 600 sq feet,  – $259 900

3. Morningstar and Goreway, 3 bed, 2 bath – $279 999

4. Cawthra and Dundas – 2 bed, 1 bath – $289 900

5. Southdown and Bromsgrove – 3 bed, 3 bath – $319 000

6. Dundas and Dixie – 2 bed, 2 bath – $329 999

7. Dundas and Wolfdale – 4+2 bed, 3 bath, just under 1400 sq feet – $330 000

8. Bristol and McLaughlin – 3 beds, 2 bath – $345 000

And, as you already guessed – there are 39 more to go!

Shopping is great thing to fight the horrible weather. Shopping for home is even better. Shopping for home with me – you have to experience it!

Want to know more about condo townhomes living? Need help locating a good neighborhood?
I will be right here, as usual!

call or text 416-843-1515 or e-mail

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Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty


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