Mr. and Mrs. Home Seller, please, Leave the Premises!!!!

I am a firm believer that showing homes to potential home buyers in the presence of home owners is a total waste of time. Usually, the more home buyers like the house, the longer they would spend viewing it. My personal statistics shows that when a buyer hates the house – we are out of there in 5 minutes, but when they like it to the point of placing an offer – the viewing time increases to 30-45-60 minutes and I usually have to lead them out as our time is up. Well, when the home owner is around during the showing, the buyers are out in 5-10 minutes.

So, what does it mean? Does the mere presence of the home owner automatically moves the house from the category of "potentially loved" to the category "for sure hated"?

Here are a few things for the home seller to consider when choosing to stay home for showing:

1. Home buyers are not looking at "your" home, but choosing a home for themselves. Remember how your home stager told you to make it as much impersonal as possible? Remember how you put those 300 family photos away, hide your pet grooming table and extensive collection of exotic insects? There is one more step to be made to justify all the previous efforts – please, go for a walk and let the buyer to enjoy "their" future home

2. Yes, buyers might have questions about your home, age of furnace, windows, etc. Most of those questions their agent would be able to address. If not, there is always a listing agent. No listing agent? Well, buyer agent cal call you tomorrow.

3. Buyers don't need to know what your neighbor next door used to do for life and whose children his children were babysitting 10 years ago. Those are valuable memories to you, but buyers truly don't care.

4. When you leave, please, take your pets with you. I am a big cat-dog-birdie lover, but I barely  enjoy entertaining your pet, while my clients are wondering around by themselves.

5.  Leave for your own safety and protection! People usually get emotionally attached to their home – you are probably not an exemption. Buyers might say something that would set you against them and make future negotiations complicated if not impossible.

6. When you are home during showings, buyers might feel like they are intruding your private life, they might feel uncomfortable talking to each other, it might be uneasy for them to look at closets, appliances, open and close doors and

7. Leaving your home for every showing might feel like a hassle. Having your home on market is a huge inconvenience in general. You might be tempted to just stay home, turn on the TV and play dead. Buyers will still be aware of your presence! So, don't kid yourself, go for a coffee with that neighbor of yours, let the buyer use their chance to fall in love with the property! And this will definitely decrease the time on the market and inconvenience for you in general.

Want to know more? I am here to help, as well as my real-time web-site updated hourly with all the hot listings.

Please, make sure the property you are buying is worth what you are paying for it, or at least has some potential – get your free market evaluation.

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Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty – selling with a smile!


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