Ethics and Realtors don’t go well together!

Ethics and Realtors don't go well together. This was the comment on one of the real estate article in CBC News. Being a Realtor myself, I usually get hurt by such comments. Why do they think Realtors are dishonest, unethical and greedy? We are all different, just like there are great doctors and horrible doctors, excellent drivers and "death of wheels", musicians with a "sparkle of God" and musicians please-shoot-me-now-so-that-I-don't-have-to-listen-to-this. And we all get what we deserve! Karma, you know! I usually don't share this kind of stories, but will change the names and make an exemption


I got a phone call from Sandy mid March. Sandy was looking to sell her house and move closer to her work. we had a very pleasant conversation and made an appointment for the following weekend for home evaluation. Sandy was looking to get about 700K for her home, which was a fair amount considering the lot size, neighborhood and type of the house. Of course, the number would depend on the condition of the house, additions and improvements.

Follow up 1 – Friday before the scheduled appointment. I called and was told by Sandy, they were painting, house was a mess and lets please, reschedule for next weekend.

Follow up 2 – Next Friday before the scheduled appointment. I called and was told by Sandy that the painting was done but they were not happy, and would have to re-do few spots and that her husband was in a hospital. Please, call her next week.

Then Sandy stopped answering the phone…. Happens all the time. Ok, she must have listed with someone else, lets move on.

Today I was checking Sandy's area for available listings as a got a brand new buyer interested to buy in that neighborhood. Her house is on the market, no surprise here, but it was listed right between our initial conversation and follow up #1!!!  So, obviously she listed it and then was "painting" and "re-painting" and "driving her husband to the hospital". ???? Couldn't just say you listed it? Save me some time….

But here is the best part: super hot market, days on the market  – 5-7-9, multiple offers and bidding wars. Sandy's house listed at a reasonable price is sitting on the market for 29 days, there already was a price reduction!

Listed with an agent, who does not even have a web-site! Pictures look like they were taken by the grandfather of all blackberries. MLS listing has more then one mistake and the description for the house looks like the agent hated it with passion!

And I am not being bitter, just stating the facts! As you will have to try really hard to NOT sell the house in the market we have.

Dishonest seller and unprofessional agent – what a perfect match!

Now, the worst part of the story, and I am very serious now, I know where Sandy works. Even worse, I have excellent relationships with more then 5 people who work for the same company. How often do you think Sandy lies at work? I feel really bad for those folks I know that have to deal with her on a daily basis. But I will keep her name a secret.

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty – selling with a smile!

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