Houses in Art – Guy Dessapt

Different dimension of life, peace and tranquility, world of the dreamy gardens, essence of love and flight in the spring evening skies – my association for the works of Guy Dessapt. Let the journey begin…..

Paris les Grands Boulevards le metro
Paris les Grands Boulevards le metro

Guy Dessapt was born on 6th of July 1938 in Central France.  As a child, Guy showed an enthusiastic aptitude for painting which led him to the highly acclaimed Art Decoratifs School in Paris.  Here he learned about the masters of genre and grew to respect the Impressionists of the 1800’s.  At this time, Guy spent many days painting in the streets of Montmartre which provided him with direct exposure to a thriving arts community.  He began painting his favorite subjects from cities and countrysides around Europe, which would later become his trademark expression.  The themes emanating from Dessapt’s lifelong passion for travel are depicted through the merging of both visual experience with a uniquely striking impressionist style.
Cervo Sardinia
Cervo Sardinia

Cervo Piazza Sardinia
Cervo Piazza Sardinia

DESSAPT-Venise le Grand Canal
Venise le Grand Canal

Dessapt can easily call St. Tropez, Venice, Paris or New York City his home.  In fact, for seven years in the 1960’s, Guy worked in New York and explored a variety of artistic styles and techniques.  Currently he spends most of his time living and working in the house built by his grandfather in France with this wife and children.
le Lac Mayeur Italy
Le Lac Mayeur Italy

NY 5th Ave Bryant Park
NY 5th Ave Bryant Park

NY Central Park Spring Blossoms
NY Central Park Spring Blossoms

Guy Dessapt’s paintings are well balanced in composition, rich in surface quality and exhibit a brilliant sense of color.  His accomplished use of mixed media produces a singular interplay between dimensional (or layered) space and pastoral depiction.
NY Promenade Central Park
NY Promenade Central Park

Paris le Moulin Rouge
Paris le Moulin Rouge

Following an outstanding relationship with and several one-man shows in New York and Japan, Guy made a relationship in 2005 with the Arnot Galleries of New York.
Guy Dessapt has been established as a premier talent in the Asian market as well as the American art market.  In Japan today, Guy Dessapt is considered part of the Paris School which includes such renowned artists as Marc Chagall, Roger Bonafe, Rouls Icart, Bernard Buffet and George Laporte.  His works are highly prized by art connoisseurs worldwide.


Paris le Soir
Paris le Soir

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Houses in Art


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