Pros and Cons of Buying With Listing Agent

It seems to be a popular idea – if I buy with a listing agent, I will save on buyer's agent commission, get a better deal, etc. Not really. Let's see why….

two devils

1. Listing agent is representing a SELLER. He's known Seller for quite some time, they established some sort of relationship and trust. And you are just walking through the door and trying to get a discounted price, guess what?

2. In a dual representation, listing agent will have to do double amount of work. And you think he will give you the buyer part of the commission. Guess what?

3. In 99% of cases when signing a listing agreement, listing agent will discuss the situation of multiple representation with the seller. If listing agent brings his own buyer, he will reduce the commission he is charging his seller. So, say instead of 5%, 3.5% commission would be charged. This is the money you are after right? But they don't exist – already given to the seller.

4. Listing agent is looking after the interests of the seller. Who is looking after you? Do you believe one person can effectively represent two parties with opposite interests? Serving two devils, this is how it is called

5. Statistics does not lie – unrepresented buyers, or buyers in the multiple representation quite often over pay or end up with less favourable conditions then when they are represented by a buyer agent.

Have questions? I will be right here. And Happy Buying!

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Please, make sure the property you are buying is worth what you are paying for it, or at least has some potential – get your free market evaluation.

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Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty – selling with a smile!

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