Houses in Art – Ruth Greer

When I look at the art works by Ruth Greer I get a feeling that Audrey Hepburn could walk into a picture any second with her "Wouln't it be Loverly". England and France what do they have in common? Really weird way of thinking, but, well, may be you could answer this question. Why?

The Flower Sellers, Paris.
The Flower Sellers, Paris

For Ruth Greer, art has always been the enduring focus of her life. An awe of the artistic mystique, and a love of drawing, form, and color is present in her earliest memories. Born in a tiny town in Texas, Greer's opportunity for early exposure to fine art and training was limited; however, a move to San Francisco as a teenager opened a whole new world of opportunities. Her enthusiasm kindled by classes in painting and access to fine museums fueled her dream of art as a lifetime endeavor. In 1965 Greer studied sculpture, partially in clay and wax, under the tutelage of the well known Master Sculptor, Octavio Medellion at the Medellion School of Sculpture in Dallas, Texas. In 1966, she enrolled in El Centro College in Dallas studying all areas of art under notable instructors James Stover and Arthur Koch. Moving on to North Texas State University in 1967, Greer specialized in oil and acrylic painting and art history. She enrolled in the University of Houston School of Art in 1969, specializing in painting and sculpture, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1971. During the early 1980s, Greer traveled and studied extensively in Europe, including France, Italy, Portugal, and Greece, ultimately living and painting in Athens. She was represented by a gallery in Athens as well as the Brass Door Gallery in Houston.


A French Winter
A French Winter

Boulevard Capogines- Paris
Boulevard Capogines

Evening on the Boulevard
Evening on the Boulevard

Flower Market
Flower Market

Paris Opera
Paris Opera


Place de la Republic
Place de la Republic

Place St. Dennis
Place St. Demis

Snowy Stroll in Paris
Snowy Stroll in Paris

Theater Caprice - Paris
Theatre Caprice – Paris


With heart and style from Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty

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Houses in Art


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