Unusual Houses of the World – Vorontsov Palace

Located in Alupka, Crimea, Vorontsov Palace is one of the most romantic and beautiful places to visit in Europe. There is a lot being said about Vorontsov Palace in numerous tourist's guides, sites, its pictures circulate as postcards all over the world.
I was blessed to spend wonderful 3 month in Alupka when I was 17 – unforgettable times and adventures worth dedicating a whole book to it. I might do it later when my English is not this lame :), but today – only the Palace part.


What really amazed me in Vorontsov Palace, were the two faces of the structure – gentle and gorgeous, surrounded by lovely gardens south side
North side
and unapproachable, fortress-like northern side. When lloking at the two above pictures it is hard to believe those are the two sides of the same building, so different they are!
Entrance to the castle
Vorontsov view from the sea
And here is how Vorontsov Castle looks from the sea (well, helocopter, to be exact)


South entrance with the stairs leading to the gardens and sea shore. Stairs are guarded by the famous lions
Famous Lion
One of the lions

Blue Parlour
Inside the castle – Blue Parlour

Interested to read more on the history of the Palace? Here is an amazing article
Inside the castle – Study

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