Creative Home Designs – Chandeliers – And Truly Ugly They Are – Part II

You know my passion for home design and just art, beauty and harmony in general. So, when I come across something lovely, I cant help it and share. Also, when I come cross something that I truly hate, I start wondering, am I the only one? Someone obviously created it and someone is using it…. So, may be it is awesome?
Fresh collection of light fixtures – for you!

1. Adults only – no comments….


2. Bright and colorful, will match any possible paint, wall paper or furniture. You just simply cant go wrong with this one! My favourite part – chocolate brown base.
Awfull Lamp
3. Is this representing 3 1-legged creatures or 1 3-legged creature? Legs look pretty human, I would even say, lady-like!
4. Just tacky pincky chandelier, good for the Barbie house.
5. Holy clock and lamp stand! 2 in one, or even 3 in one! Am I the only one thinking this is totally wrong?
Ugly Lamp
6. Duck head lamp. Where is the head? I guess taking selfies somewhere in the bathroom.
Duck lamp
Yes, we are voting!

Which one in your opinion is the ugliest, tackiest and unacceptablist? (right, I just made up a word, LOL)

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