Creative Home Designs – Doors!

It has been a while since we had a good laugh  –  hours, or even days! heck out this awesome selection of designer's doors. Do you think you could live with something that outstanding? I feel like my traditional door is way boring now!

1. Broken Door – cracks appear quite realistic, I would be afraid to even touch this structure!

Broken Door

2. Door for Papa-Bear, Door for Mama-Bear and a Door for Baby-Bear!
Baby Door
3. Messy Book Case Door – Don'e Even Try to Approach, or you will be buried instantly!
Messy Closet Door
4. Convertible Ping Pong Table Door – just awesome. I am surprised IKEA did not grab this idea yet – it would be perfect for small spaces!
Ping Pong Table Door
5. Polka Dots Gone Wild – not the Door for me, but some fashionistas might like it. Where are you, Cruella DeVille?
Polka dots gone wild
6. Another Book-Case Door, not so messy this time!
Secret Door
7. I have a feeling, my daughter would actually love this Door!
Social Door
8. The most extreme out of all – Waterfall Door! Water does not stop running even when you open and close the door! Fun Door to "walk through" on a hot day like today!
Waterfall Door
And what would be your favorite door? 1-8? Or do you have your own?

Being a Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty is so much fun!

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