Fun With Kids – Watermelon Flower

Alissa, my almost-9-years-old and myself decided today that just eating watermelon would be WAAAAYYY too boring. So we decided to try carving it into a cactus flower. Our first carving experience ever (I m not counting pumpkins) and we have no carving knives (all we have is 30 dollar set of 5000 knives from Canadian Tire)

Cactus Flower


Believe it or not the major pain in the butzinski was actually peeling the green bugger!
Peeled Watermelon
The rest was easier – circled a coffee cup here


Watermelon Flower

And the final result! Not perfect, but we will eat it!

And here is the video, just in case someone would like to repeat our heroic did. Have fun!

Being a Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty is so much fun!


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