Mississauga Townhomes for Sale

Interesting thing is happening on the Mississauga Real Estate Market recently – flippers are starting to go after Condo Townhouses. Average sale price for freehold homes went so high, that now it only becomes affordable for a long time flippers and large contractors, with substantial downpayments, deposits and freedom to offer with no conditions.
Do you thing this fact discouraged first time flippers or first time buyers looking to buy, renovate and stay? No way! Now they are really looking into a condo townhouses market, and so right they are!

Mississauga Townhomes for Sale

Average Sale Price for a condo townhouse in Mississauga in June 2013 was $348 227

Same number for June 2014 went up to $376 034

And this is 7.39%. This is when the buyer purchased a home and did absolutely nothing to it! But think, if this buyer bought a townhouse in a below the average condition and the way below the average market price? And then upgraded he kitchen? Or a bathroom? Or just freshly painted the entire place and staged it nicely? I don't need to explain what happens in this case, but someone's home value will surely grow!

Now, lets see what do we have available!

Remember, we need maintenance fee low (we will do under $300), minimum 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and lets see what do we have under 400K

40 Homes matching the above criteria are currently available for sale in Mississauga

1. $283 000 at Goreway and Morningstar

2. $289 900 at Creditview and Britannia

3. $299 700 at Goreway and Derry

4. $309 900 at Ninth Line

5. $314 900 at Dundas and Erindale Stn

7. $319 900 at Erinmills Pkwy

8. $329 000 at Dundas and Mavis

and of course, 32 more, waiting for you!

Would like to book your private showing? It is just a phone call away!
Call or text 416-843-1515 or e-mail marina@marinag.ca

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty – selling with a smile!



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