New Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation – New Way to Fill Your Mail Boxes with more SPAM!!!

New Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation came into effect starting July 1st, 2014. The main purpose of the new law was to protect Canadian consumer from unwanted e-mails from commercial institutions. Basically, you can not solicit via e-mail unless given consent by the recipient. Well, guess what? Just the opposite is happening now, it is scary and grows by minute!

I am receiving e-mails of the following content not daily but hourly, and really frustrated I become!

"lets stay in touch" –  why would I? we never did before, I don't need garage doors, I don't even have a goddamn garage!

"may we have your consent?" – ehhhh, who are you exactly, and what is that you do?

"we don't want to lose our connection" – don't you worry, you did not have it in the first place

"would you still like to receive our updates?" – sure, once a month would be fine, but you send them every 30 seconds, so NO!!!

I understand, that by the nature of my business, my contact information is readily available to everyone, but seriously, so is my NAME! So, when I receive another e-mail, sent specifically to my e-mail address and calling me "Dear Friend", "Valued Customer", "Mister/Miss" and so on, I always read those e-mails very carefully, so that I find the "unsubscribe" button asap! My favorite salutation is "Hi,     ". I read it as "Hi, Empty-Spot! We-dont-care-what-your-name-is-but-give-us-your-money-chap-chap!"

I am receiving e-mails asking for "consent" from companies I never knew existed and from people I've never heard of. Thanks dear LAW-MAKERS for that! You were trying to protect me from unwanted soliciting? Well, you did exactly the opposite! My inbox is flooded with spam like never before! I guess, dear LAW-MAKERS you don't play chess much, just judging by your inability to see further then half step ahead. Good thing is your e-mail addresses are not exposed, so you don't really have to worry about it!

Oh and for you, Dear Spammers, just to make your life easier – I like sports, but never gamble. Good cars. Fancy shoes (but I am not interested in Chinese version of Prada). Cooking and baking. Arts. Activities for children. Gardening. Home Design. Swarovski Crystal Patterns. Pets, dogs to be precise. Good books, movies and music.

I don't need SEO for my web-site, graphic design, bill-board advertising in Pickering, fridge magnets (I got myself a "stainless steel" fridge, which is essentially plastic, so magnets don't stick to it, got it?). Pet insurance, penis extensions and Avon cosmetics also leave me indifferent.

Good luck, Dear Spammers!

Very angry Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty


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