Creative Home Designs – Furniture Again!

I've never seen my Home Staging Company use this type of furniture when they are prepping homes for sale. I wonder why?

#1 Boys! Would you let your wife sit on this chair? Or would you dare yourself?

Shark Chair

2. Hamburger bed! Didn't your Grandma always tell you NOT-TO-EAT-IN-BED? And how about "no food after 6 pm" rule?
Burger Bed
3. Monster-In-Law comes to visit unexpectedly? Not a problem, we got you covered! Just offer her a seat! Cactus Coach!
Cactus Sofa
4. Your friends claim they don't do drugs? Just bring them over and make them say it again! Wall Climbing Coach!
Climbing seat
5. I wouldn't mind a couple of those, especially for the cold blue winter days. Flower Arm Chairs!
Flower Arm Chairs
6. Girls ONLY Party! These high-heel shoe chairs look amazing, but after a few drinks might become dangerous!
Highheel Shoe Chair
7. Orange Coffee Table. And Orange is not a color!
Orange coffee table
8. For those missing their country life – straw delivered in bed! Ouch, why do I feel all itchy?
9. Those book shelves surely look cute and fancy, but a little unstable. Besides, I think all the stuff inside would be sliding over. Not sure I want one of those!
Unstable storage

And what would be your favorite one? 1-9? Or do you have your own?

Being a Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty is so much fun!

Looking to own an amazing house? Ask Marina!

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