Ice Cream of Pinery

Ice Cream of Pinery deserves a post of its own. And I don't even like ice-cream. And consuming ice-cream by gallon is something totally out of range for me.
But seriously, if you've been in Pinery and did not try the ice-cream – you haven't been in Pinery. And if you think you know ice-cream, but you haven't tried the ice-cream of Pinery – you know nothing about ice-cream.
What is this I was talking about? Oh, well, let's see….

Ice Cream
So, this is the secret place, where you can get the best ice cream ever

Ice Cream - Menu

Ice Cream - Mint Chocolate
And this is Mint Chocolate Chip

Ice Cream new type
Gold Medallion Ribbon

NY Cheesecake
White Chocolate Raspberry

Ice Cream3
Black Cherry and Mixed Berry

Ice Cream - all of them
And all of them together! Cheers!

Being a Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty is so much fun!
Being Mom and a wife is even better!


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