5 Tips for Pleasant Home Shopping Experience

This is a quick "5 Tips" list all my buyers receive when we go home shopping for the first time. Some of the things seem pretty obvious, but are still worth mentioning just one more time!

Shopping for Home

1. 5 Homes Tip. Do not try to see more then 5 homes at a time! I know you are a super hero, but by the time you see house #4 you will be quite exhausted. This Rule does not apply to out of town shoppers – they will have to shop till they drop.

2. Must Wear Socks on the Playground Tip. Most of the home sellers would ask you to remove your shoes before touring the property. Some of those Sellers could also do a much better job cleaning their floors. For your own safety and protection, bring slippers if you can, or at least wear socks, the darker  – the better

3. Comfy Shoes Tip. See the rule above – you will be taking your shoes off and putting them on numerous times, so high heel boots with laces up to the need look extremely cool, but might not be the best option for home shopping

4. Smaller is better Tip. If you have a choice – opt for a smaller car to go home shopping. Some underground garages, condo-townhouse driveways and visitor parking lots are not very SUV- and Pick Up Truck – friendly. I am not trying to doubt your driving skills, but honestly who needs an extra stress point?

5. Take Notes Tip. I will have a pan and listings print outs for you. The back of the page is a great way to take your notes about the house you are viewing.

Happy Shopping!!!

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Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty – selling with a smile!



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