Take you off my mailing list? – Would Love Nothing More!

"take me off your mailing list.
Thank you"

"Dear Goran! Or shall I call you Stevie, as you introduced yourself to my assistant?


It would be my ultimate pleasure to do so but I am not sure how can we go about it, as I don't know who you are…
Stevie spoke with my assistant and expressed interest in buying a home in a particular neighborhood. I called Stevie back within an hour with all necessary information on hand. Stevie seemed such a nice guy and caring son, he had a very sick mother to take care off. Stevie wanted to move closer to the hospital to make it more comfortable for his Mom. Stevie needed a lot of information – sold prices, available listings, all new arrivals. Then Stevie suddenly disappeared.

When I was trying to follow up, I came across someone by the name of Goran. Goran's profile did not look like someone's I would ever like to meet. Smoking funky stuff, porn pictures, brutality and non-stop swearing.

Amazing thing – Stevie and Goran both had same e-mail address and telephone number. So, Stevie/Goran, Darling, whom shall I delete from my mailing list?

Oh, by the way, when people address someone, they say "Hello" and they add person's name! See, this easy! And I only have one name!

Real story – names changed.

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty



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