Our Dear Pets, or Why Some Vets Shall Get Their Butts Kicked

Why some people become teachers if they hate kids? Why some people become accountants if they hate math? And why some people become vets when they hate dogs?


This is Tishka, playful and friendly cocker spaniel. Last weekend was Tishka's 6th birthday, but we did not celebrate. Tishka is on antibiotics and we are very grateful he is still with us.

Last week we went camping to Pinery by Grand Bend. On the very first day Tishka scratched himself pretty badly. I would not be overly concerned if we were home, but at the camping you know how it goes – flies, sand, bees, poison ivy, swimming in the lake…. We took him to the vet. I am not going to write the name of the clinic but this is the closest one to Pinery Provincial Park – whatever you do, never ever go there!

Anyways, I left Tishka with my husband in a car, walked through the door and asked whether a vet could have a look as my dog was scratching himself madly. Creature at the reception table announced that she knew me not and why did I came to her clinic. I calmly explained that we were camping in Pinery and driving to Toronto to see a vet would make no sense.

As soon as the creature heard "camping", it assumed Tishka was bitten by a "wild" animal and had rabies. Creature brought me all this rubbish rabies related pile of paperwork, said I have to immediately  report this case to the Ministry, dog would be taken to London to be kept in quarantine for 10 days and possibly put down, and all the people who were in contact with "rabid" animal would have to go to the hospital and get checked for rabies. Creature also said that I was in so much trouble and would be sued for keeping "rabid" dog around people.

As I was backing to the door with my eyes popping out, creature was trying to grab me and force to make a phone call right from the office. Luckily, creature realized, it might get bitten by a "wild" human and took its spot.

Back in the car, it took my husband at least half and hour to get out of me what had just happened. Thanks God men don't get as emotional as we do. He just took off and 20 minutes later we were at Exeter Animal Hospital. Vet was amazing and caring and soon we were walking out with all our prescribed pills and light hearts. It appeared that Tishka developed some kind of allergy – food or seasonal, we will still have to figure it out.  But the point is  – do people become vets because they love animals and love helping them – vet #2? Or do people become vets because they hate people?

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty – selling with a smile!



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