My Son Got Offered Drugs Today at the Skate Park

While riding his bike at the skate park today, my 13-year old got approached by a group of people. The action was staged and organized and at first my son did not even realized he was targeted. Until he was offered to purchase some cigarettes and marijuana. Right there, just follow them around the corner.

Kids smoking
My son is a swimmer, swimmer with a goal, and pure idea of smoking drives him furious. He got himself out of there immediately and came home. We called police and reported the case. And we heard literally the following from the officer:

1. This area is known for drug usage. – Well, great, this helps a lot….

2. Your son did the right thing by getting himself out of there immediately. – Ok, thanks. But how does it help other kids that could come there tomorrow?

3. He would send an officer to check the area, but this is all they could do.

To say the very least – I am furious, I am hissing and spitting! If you park at the wrong spot – they find you right away and you get fined. If your dog barks – you get fined. You dont sort our garbage properly – you get fined. Your trees hang too low over the path – you get fined. Of course, you are an easy target, you are not hiding anywhere, because most of the times it does not even occur to you that you have done something wrong.

But when your son gets surrounded and offered drugs – it's ok! Nothing is going to get done. It is just a bad area. Just avoid it. Really? How about you get of your…. chair, and make it a good area? Or do we have to wait for more kids to get into trouble?

From amazing New Toronto Neighborhood, Toronto, Ontario.
Very mad,
Marina Gavrylyuk

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