What Kind of Agent Are You?

I was dropping a deposit cheque at one Mississauga brokerage today. Got into the elevator with young fellow, looking stressed and exhausted – two babies, one in a stroller, one wrapped around his neck.
I was pretty sure he was heading to the doctor's office on the same floor, but to my great surprise he walked towards the same door I was aiming for. It appeared he was also delivering a deposit cheque for the home him and his wife just bought. Cheque was certified but the brokerage name was misspelled. Kids were crying as the receptionist was trying to explain that he had to make another trip to the bank. Young dad was trying to show her an email he received from his agent with the exact spelling he had on the cheque. Finally he gave up and headed to the door….

All I could say is: "Wow, what kind of agent does he have!" What kind of agent you have to be to let your client with two babies run around delivering deposits and even better, make your client run in circles because you can't spell the name of the brokerage right?
This is what I call: "Customer service beyond any reasonable expectations"

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty



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