7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Neighborhood to Live In

Whether you are looking to buy or rent, choosing the neighborhood that works for you would be one of the first things to do. There are quite a few factors to consider beside geographic location and we will look into 7 that in my opinion would influence the quality of your life the most

Choosing the right neighborhood

1. Property Values
Choosing the right neighborhood - Property Values

This one is the first one to consider and compared to others is pretty straight forward – which neighborhood could you afford to live in. Many neighborhoods in Toronto, Mississauga and GTA have a good mix of homes to satisfy a price range from 300K and up. It would all depend on a type of home you are after.

2. Commute

You  and your family would need to get to work, schools, sports and activities, so the proximity to highways, direction of the traffic in rush hours, availability of public transit would be extremely important. Who would want to get a dream house and then spend hours in traffic trying to get home?
Driving to and from the neighborhood on different days and at different times shall give you a pretty good idea.3. Proximity to necessities

What would your family need to enjoy the life to the fullest? Parks, entertainment, shopping, hospitals, schools, churches, community centers just to name a few
4. Safety and Crime Rates

Even though crime rates statistics is available from numerous sources, checking the situation yourself would be best. Cruise the neighborhood at different times and look for some tell-tale signs: kids playing, elderly going for a walk, well maintained homes and gardens, women walking alone at night time.

5. Quality of schools

Choosing the right neighborhood - Schools

For families with children this might be a Number 1 priority, but even if you don’t have and not planning on having children in the nearest future, do not disregard this factor. Homes located close to the good quality schools are always in high demand and tend to appreciate more. At the end of the day, buying a home is not just obtaining a piece of property to live in, it is also your largest investment – so check on schools, make your investment work for you.

6. Neighborhood potential

Choosing the right neighborhood - Potential

We all have heard about neighborhood cycles – stable, declining, growing. Here you would to consider the length of your investment. Buying a home in a declining neighborhood might be a good idea for a long period of time, while obtaining a property in a growing neighborhood would justify itself much sooner.

7. Sights, sounds and smells

Choosing the right neighborhood - using all senses
Yes, you would have to use all your senses to make sure the neighborhood that you might soon call “Home”, feels right. When we moved to our first rental in Toronto, next day we discovered an extremely stinky and disgusting KFC three doors down the street – the smell was just enough to make me feel sick for days and days…  Next door to the left we had a motorbike store – lovely sounds all day long, and next door to the right – dry-cleaners – grey fuzz was flying around and getting into every nook and cranny, cleaning was just simply hopeless. Wish someone wrote this list for me 12 years ago…
So, check out all the smells, sounds and sights that could possibly bother you in a future. To re-word an old kiddy song – if it looks like a home, if it smells like a home, if it sounds like a home – it;s a HOME!

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Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty – delivering Wealth of Real Estate!



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