Volunteering for Pan American Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships finals

They say – beauty will save the world. I would add sport. Sport and beauty will save the world, stop the wars, depression and crime.
What an amazing day today volunteering with Anna and Alisa for Pan American Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships finals at Hershey Center! It was a first time for us attending a competition of this level, and I shall say organizers did a tremendous work – decorations, schedules, stuffing – all was of the highest quality.

Senior Pan American Gymnastics Championships 2014
We would like to congratulate Patricia Bezzubenko, who was representing Canada, with 2 golds – ball and hoop, one silver  – clubs and getting a full quote for Canada in Pan American Games 2015

Also, congratulations to Canadian Group – silver and bronze! Great job girls!

All the coaches, parents, friends and family are so proud of you!

Anna and Alissa were so happy to be a part of this amazing event volunteering as line judge runners – the picture above is from the T-shirts they both got and will be saving as a precious memory.

I, personally, was greatly impressed with performance of Group from Brazil – what a team work girls – bravo! Team US had a pretty bad accident with the ribbon when it got detached, but, again teamwork and fast recovery was amazing. Also, my standing applause for pirouettes by Jasmine Kerber of USA, illusions by Cinthya Valdez of Mexico, amazing ribbon routine by Michelle Sanchez of Venezuela. And my favourite gymnast as of today, beside Patricia, of course,  – Angelica Kvieczynski – so much grace and fire in one tiny lady – great job Angelica!

For those, who were not as lucky as us to be present at the event – you can watch online – click here and enjoy!

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Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
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