Political Advertising – What do you think?

With another election coming up end of October, yet again, all of us get overloaded with all kinds of sales pitches from political candidates. I know I have quite a few of candidates as my Facebook friends and some of them complain how disrespectful people are to their campaigns – like they dont answer the phones, hang up, discard their lawn signs and don't open the doors when they come in. Well, please, allow me to give a bit of perspective from the other side.

1. Front lawn signs. Two years ago I had to contact my local councilor office for whatever matter, my request went unnoticed, but the office collected all of my personal information for their files. Could you just possibly imagine how happy I was to come home and discover the huge sign calling to vote for this person on MY FRONY LAWN!!! No disrespect, just saying… When I need you – you ignore me, then you go and stick your sign in the middle of my flowerbed without even asking me? Nice…

2. Post cards and flyers. Got one yesterday – photo of the candidate looks like a selfie in the bathroom mirror, very foggy bathroom mirror. To be honest, I couldn't figure out by the picture whether it was a male or female.

3. Phone calls – calling your electorat is ok, you know to introduce yourself, but you don't have time for that, so you hire assistants. I know good assistants are not cheap, but could you at least get some that speak English and can pronounce your name right? Got a phone call few days ago – had to ask for the name of the candidate 3 times – accent was sooo bad. And I get it all, Canada is a country of immigrants, almost everyone has some sort of accent. But to say a simple name like, Steve Peters (just made it up, no offence) shall not be that hard.

4. Door knocking – noone knocked on my door yet – so, I will vote for the first one who does.

5. Great initiatives – I have been watching some candidates coming up with some awesome initiatives – like cleaning up the community rather then covering it with your signs and flyers, but all of them are not even in my Ward, so sad.

Someone, knock on my door for crying out loud!

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty – selling with a smile!


Tiny Chefs Club Meeting – Day 1

I still can't believe they were quite and paying attention for the whole 3 hours! It was great experience – we baked pastries, and performed some kitchen experiments, learned safety rules. My little bakers now know where hot air goes from the oven and why you don't leak your fingures, they know how baking soda works and why merengue dough is so puffy! Hey, parents, do you know all of this stuff? We might need a session for you as well! For now – enjoy a quick video of our cooking in progress!


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Do You Think Your Child’s School is Safe?

I had pretty disturbing experience today. We went for a little shopping tour to look for an additional gym for our gymnastics club. Visited about 12 schools, including high, middle and elementary schools, public and catholic. I am seriously scared and will be discussing this with my chldren and I strongly recommend that you do the same.

Strangers at School

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Foody Thursday – “Berry Baskets” Pastries – Корзинки (Korzynky)

Now sure about present time, but about 25 years ago you could buy this treat at every bakery department or store in Ukraine. They were about double the size compared to mine, no fresh berries, mixture of jam and grated nuts at the bottom and a mountain of whipped egg whites on top. Used to cost 22 kopijkas (small change in Ukraine). The name was "Korzynky" or "Koshychky" which is essencially "Baskets" in Ukrainian. Well, I have the commercial recipe, which I will share along with some changes we decided to make. Enjoy!

Foody Thursdays - Filled Tartlets

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Real Estate Investors Paradise – Saturday, Sept 27th – Exclusive One Day Sale

Please, let me know if interested – I can get you in for preview as early, as Thursday, September, 25. Sales go on first come – first serve basis. You must be registered to attend. Saturday line up will start to form around 11, and inside would be total craziness. Text me or e-mail for pricing, floor plans, financial statement and all the goodies, I can also get you registered.

Axiom2 Exclusive Sale

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Attention Investors – VIP access to best Toronto Pre-construction Condos Sales

It was a long journey, but I finally got it in my pocket, VIP access to best Toronto Pre-construction condos sales events to serve my clients better. As you might be already aware, all pre-construction condo sales go through 3 distinct stages:

Exclusive VIP Membership
1. Stage I – VIP sales event – usually 1 day event, when the new pre-construction project gets released for sales for the first time – this is the most wanted opportunity for both investors and home buyers for a number of reasons:

 – Best choice and Unit Availability

– Great incentives, like full year of free property management, guaranteed rent, no maintenance fees for a specified time

– VIP freebies, like lockers, storage units at no charge

– VIP pricing

Only agents with VIP membership and their clients are granted access to this event. And I am one of the lucky few!

2. Stage II – Platinum Access – usually lasts for about a month, a stage where agents with Platinum Membership and their clients are given acees to the units still available after stage 1.

3. Stage III – General Public Access – this is where the access is given to everyone. Folks could just walk in from the street to the presentation center, get the paperwork signed and become a condo owner. Unfortunately on this Stage, public is no longer granted any VIP pricing, no freebies, and public gets to choose from the "left-overs". I actually know people, who lost money buying on this stage, but this is not the topic for now.

It does not take to be genius to figure out the obvious benefits of obtaining a property at the first stage.
Please, check out my following blog posts for the registration for upcoming VIP events.

People made fortunes investing in a Real Estate – so can you!

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