5 Common Offences of Home Sellers

You've been in this house for years, you know every little thing, you also stopped noticing some little things long time ago. And some of those things aren't little. Some of them are huge, LOUD, OFFENSIVE and INSULTING! I know, we discussed this before, but repetition is what makes it perfect! Here we go – 5 most common offences of home sellers!

Offensive Home Sellers

1. Offense number 1 – Home owner at home during showings. I have to say, while some couples will just sit quetly in the corner watching TV and minding there own business, the others will follow the agent and buyers everywhere. Asking questions, interrupting, pointing out upgrades and trying to direct everyone around the house. Just an FYI, buyers have eyes, they have ears, noses and all other parts of their bodies – meaning they can see, smell and touch on thir own – just let them be!

2. Offence number 2 – Pets! Pets are great, they are our dear friends and family members, they are cute and adorable, but…Some buyers have allergies, some are just afraid of certain animals. And why do you think they are in your house? Right, to see and buy it. Not to pet your cat and not to talk to your bird.

3. Offence number 3 – Smells! And the worst are – smoking, pets and strong spices. I wish Sellers know how many times I had Buyers run back to the car as soon as the house door opens! Some smells are very tough to remove, especially in the carpeted areas. My only advice would be – clean, clean and clean

4. Offence number 4 – Renovations on the way! Try to finish all the projects before your home goes on the market – you really don't want the buyer to see all those cans of paint, ladders, pieces of wood and brushes. And even less then that you want your buyer to trip over this stuff.

5. Offence number 5 – Dirt / Clutter. If you have too much stuff to put it nicely away – better load it in boxes. Buyers will rather understand piles of boxes in a corner then piles of clutter on the floor and all horizontal surfaces.

Respect your potential buyer  – this is the best thing you can do to sell your home fast and for top dollar.

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Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty – delivering Wealth of Real Estate!



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