Political Advertising – What do you think?

With another election coming up end of October, yet again, all of us get overloaded with all kinds of sales pitches from political candidates. I know I have quite a few of candidates as my Facebook friends and some of them complain how disrespectful people are to their campaigns – like they dont answer the phones, hang up, discard their lawn signs and don't open the doors when they come in. Well, please, allow me to give a bit of perspective from the other side.

1. Front lawn signs. Two years ago I had to contact my local councilor office for whatever matter, my request went unnoticed, but the office collected all of my personal information for their files. Could you just possibly imagine how happy I was to come home and discover the huge sign calling to vote for this person on MY FRONY LAWN!!! No disrespect, just saying… When I need you – you ignore me, then you go and stick your sign in the middle of my flowerbed without even asking me? Nice…

2. Post cards and flyers. Got one yesterday – photo of the candidate looks like a selfie in the bathroom mirror, very foggy bathroom mirror. To be honest, I couldn't figure out by the picture whether it was a male or female.

3. Phone calls – calling your electorat is ok, you know to introduce yourself, but you don't have time for that, so you hire assistants. I know good assistants are not cheap, but could you at least get some that speak English and can pronounce your name right? Got a phone call few days ago – had to ask for the name of the candidate 3 times – accent was sooo bad. And I get it all, Canada is a country of immigrants, almost everyone has some sort of accent. But to say a simple name like, Steve Peters (just made it up, no offence) shall not be that hard.

4. Door knocking – noone knocked on my door yet – so, I will vote for the first one who does.

5. Great initiatives – I have been watching some candidates coming up with some awesome initiatives – like cleaning up the community rather then covering it with your signs and flyers, but all of them are not even in my Ward, so sad.

Someone, knock on my door for crying out loud!

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty – selling with a smile!