Halloween 2014 – Where to get your Costume!

Choosing a perfect home is tough, choosing an outfit to wear for Halloween is 10 times more difficult. We don't have Halloween costumes agents yet, with all the knowledge and expertise right? Especially for a girl, you know? Do I want to be pretty, sexy, scary? Well, let's get started – a quick tour for the best Toronto, Etobicoke and Mississauga Halloween Stores.

Get scared…

Halloween 2014 – Top 8 Haunted Attractions in Toronto

Accurate planning rules the world! Carefully plan your work, but sure enough – do not forget the entertainment. With Halloween 2014 just around in a few days – here are the best Toronto Halloween Attractions. Plan ahead – and have fun!


Your Worst Nightmare!!!!!…

Поварята – Занятие пятое – Пельмешки, Занятие первое – Русский

Пост на русском – для наших дорогих бабушек и дедушек. В клубе "Поварята" – пятое занятие. Поварята уже многому научились, но желание стряпать у них пока не пропало

Tiny Chefs - Class 5

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Tiny Chefs Club Meeting – Class 5 – Speaking Russian, Trying on Chefs Hats and Making Pelmeni

Class 5 with the Tiny Chefs was outstanding! The main event – our wondeful, creative Mom Katya started Russian Class with Tiny Chefs. Yes, this is the language we speak during our classes, some better, some not that much, but this is not the point – now all the little chefs have the opportunity to perfect their reading, writing and speaking skills along with hearing some amazing stories.
Other event, not as significant as the previous, but still fun – Tiny Chefs got their new Chef Hats – don't they all look amazing?
And then we cooked a bit and had fun eating what we cooked, and even played some soccer afterwards!
More pics and video below
Tiny Chefs - Class 5

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Exclusive One Day Only Insider SALE Nov. 15, 12:30PM VIP Registration Online, or call me 416-843-1515

The Selby Welcome to The Selby! A new condo development by the Iconic Team Diamondcorp, Cityzen Development Group and Fernbrook Homes currently in preconstruction at 592 Sherbourne St. (Bloor & Sherbourne).

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Exclusive One Day Only Insider SALE November 15, 12:30 PM VIP Registration Online, or call me 416-843-1515
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Attn: Investors – The Selby – Hottest Project of the Year

The Selby – 49 storeys, with red brick facade, to be completed in May 2019 – unique architectural vision in downtown Toronto. Amenities will include but are not limited to the fitness facility, rooftop pool, the party room. A wide selection of units are available. VIP sales event to be held November 1st. Buyers must be registered through Realtors with VIP access to attend.

The Selby

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