Crappy MLS Listings – to Serve Your Client Better

I am in a nasty mood today. I am in a nasty mood because I fail to get it – how some of my "collegues" could be so ridiculously unprofessional and still not get fired. The only reason I can thin of is beacause they don't charge much. And clients get what they pay for. It is pretty much like ordering a coffee at Starbucks and leting barista spit in your cup so that you can only pay half of the amount. Oh, well, here they are – the listings, great marketing tool!

1. Halloween time – book your free scary ride with your local real estate agent. Looks like photographer has a vary vague idea of the concept of horizontal lines.


2. Today is October 1st. Home is on the market for 48 days. Weather in Ontario, Canada is SOOOO severe it actually SNOWS in JULY!
Severe winter
3. This property has THE FLOOR!!!!

4. OOO, laundry detergent is included in the lease for this property! 118 days on the market and still not sold. May be the landlord could throw in another bottle of that amazing detergent!
Laundry detergent

5. Home staging goes wild – tired panda, two dead plush animals of unknown kind and hanging blue ball in the corner

6. Your default message on MLS when you don't have any pics is "No photo available". This agent took it to the next level and uploaded "Photos to follow shortly". Property is on a market for mere 54 days. Two years won't even pass before we see the pics

Photos coming soon

7. Agent got so high on that smell from the fridge, he actually had to bring a chair and have a break in the middle of the staircase

8. Oh, real estate gods, please, be merciful – there is something really scary hiding under that kitchen table!
Scary thing under the table

9. Is this the closet where you hide your family sceletons?


10. Advanced home staging – beautiful and cost effective. Also, makes any room look sooo big!

11. This is what they call "a side door". Gotta be Tom Cruz to get in. So far in 58 days noone was able to enter.

12. And this is another "side" entrance, that leads…..
Side entrance
to a "side" room!
Side room

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty!


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