Back from Montreal – sharing impressions

I was catching up for over a week after coming back from Montreal. This is a "beauty" of being your own boss – noone tells you what to do but then noone will jump in to help when you are taking your crazily ambitious and competetive child to meets and competitions. But anyways, we are back to normal and I've got some time to share pictures and impressions

College Notre Dame

Our schedule was pretty tight, as usual
Friday – driving to Montreal and late practice
Saturday – all day competitions. As some of you might know, Aliska got silver in free, gold in hoop and gold overall – very content with herself.
And finally on Sunday we got some time for a tour. Weather was yaki – not too cold, but dark and gloomy, so pictures did not come out the best.
Streets of Montreal
We started at College Notre Dame and L'Oratoire right across the street.
Brother Andre

Saint-Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal – L'Oratoire – deserves a post on its own.

And to be completely honest – this is probably the only thing I personally liked in Montreal

Saint-Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal
Saint-Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal - Monument at the front
Then our guide took us up the winding road right to the Oratory. The road goes through one of the richest areas of Montreal. As we were told, there was a law that did not allow to build to buildings that were the same. Taking pictures from the back seat of the car is quite challenging I shall admit
Rich area of Montreal 2
Rich are of Montreal
This home looks quite misterious in the fog.
Rich area of Montreal 3
Rich area of Montreal
We made a quick stop, as per our guide, no many know about this viewing point.
View of Montreal 2
View of Montreal 3
View of Montreal 4
View of Montreal 5
View of Montreal
Our next stop was the entrance to L'Oratoire.
Come back to check for the updates!

Compliments of Marina Gavrylyuk
Real Estate Agent with Sutton Group Summit Realty


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